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Ulisses Santiago BA

Selected artist profile information for this contemporary American Sculptor
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Sculptor Ulisses Santiago BA
Ulisses Santiago

About Ulisses Santiago

Ulisses Santiago is an Artist, Writer, and Creative Director born in Brooklyn, New York, currently living in sunny San Juan, Puerto Rico. He is engaged in Ceramic Sculptures, Painting, Advertising and Video Production. He searches in his art the metaphysical zeitgeist in the human condition and its connection to the power of Nature. He creates Ceramic Sculptures, Abstract Landscapes Wall Reliefs, Abstract Art, Ink art, Post-modern figurative, Digital and Mixed media.

Visual Artist creating Sculptures, Paintings, Adve

Biography / CV of Ulisses Santiago

Ulisses Santiago is an Artist, Writer and Advertising Creative Director born in Brooklyn, New York currently living in Puerto Rico. He was Artistic Director of a Theater Company, Creative Director of International AD Agencies (Y&R, BBDO) and works as a Ceramic Artist and Creative Director Creating Sculptures, Paintings, Advertising, TV, Film and Video Content.

Studio Work Area

Qualifications / Education of Ulisses Santiago

BA and Master Sudies in Arts, Literature and Ceramics from the University of Puerto Rico

Price Range of Work

Ulisses Santiago's work has a price range from £285 to £1,867

Mediums utilised

Ulisses Santiago's work is found in the following materials:

Artwork Categorised

Ulisses Santiago's work is found in the following categories on site:
Minimalist Understated Abstract Contemporary Sculpture statuary statuettes (12)
Ceramic Sculptures (10)
Figurative Abstract Modern or Contemporary Sculptures Statues statuary statuettes figurines (6)
Surrealist Sculpture (6)
Spiritual sculpture (4)
Organic / Abstract Sculpture (3)
Interior, Indoors, Inside Sculpture (3)
Human Figurative Sculptures (2)
Indoor figurative sculpture (2)
Abstract Contemporary Modern Outdoor Outside Garden / Yard Sculptures Statues statuary (2)
Literary and Musical Characters Sculptures (2)
Music Sculpture or Statues
Marine Maritime Water Sea sculpture statue statuette
Good Luck sculpture
Stylized People Sculptures
Busts and Heads Sculptures Statues statuettes Commissions Bespoke Custom Portrait Memorial Commemorative sculpture or statue
Abstract Contemporary Modern Civic Urban sculpture statue statuary
Couples or Group Sculptures
Human Form: Abstract Sculptures
Pop Art Sculpture
Caricature Sculptures Statues statuettes
Conceptual Art Sculptures Statues often Large or Monumental Abstract Art
Modern Abstract Contemporary Avant Garde Sculptures or Statues or statuettes or statuary
Indoor Inside Interior Abstract Contemporary Modern Sculpture / statue / statuette / figurine
Historical Character Statues / Sculptures
Gods or Goddess, or Deity Sculptures
Famous People Sculptures Statues
Tabletop Desktop Small Indoor Statuettes Figurines Sculptures
Small / Little Abstract Contemporary Sculptures / Statues
Commemoratives and Memorials Sculptures
Christian Sculpture and Statues
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"Where the material ends, art begins."
Etienne Hajdu
Customer comment on 'Standing female (nude Contemporary Wall statue/decoration/sculpture)' by William Ashley-Norman
This lovely sculpture has been arrived without any problem. Now it is sitting in my house. We will move it to our new place for public showcase when the whole decoration has finished.

I will keep you update with our project soon. Thanks for your big help, anyway. We are still evaluating the whole space to see if we need to purchase one or two Nikki Taylor`s sculptures as well.

Wish Aesthetic Surgery Clinic, New Taipei City, Taiwan.